The Process



You have the Influence and vision to shape the world. Now LET’S make it happen.
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The Process



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01. Team

We’ll start with an honest evaluation of where you are today with your business, your team, and your life. Then help you build and lead the team you need to grow a truly successful business.


It can be hard to determine the “fault lines” when struggling with a team. Together we’ll get a real handle on client dissatisfaction, why things aren’t getting done, and create a capable team that understands and delivers on your priorities and satisfies your clients.


Where are opportunities leaking through and where does the tension show up? How much potential revenue is in your inbox but not receiving the necessary attention and follow-up? Let’s replace the tension with an executable plan.


You’re running a business, there is never enough time and always too much to be done. We will help you increase your bandwidth to handle the stress so you can move forward. Using non-judgmental observation, we will work together to help you maintain your focus and make sound business choices. 


If you feel your team is holding you back, let’s evaluate and correct efforts that are simply not making the impact you need. Put a stop to the constant “reactive” cycle and proactively set effective goals and priorities for your team.

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02. Tools

Our methods have proven successful in crafting positive relationships, constructing good business processes, and creating the ideal business.


Do you have issues with team members, partners or clients that need to be resolved? Do you avoid having difficult discussions? Confidentially air out your concerns about team members, partners or clients.


“I’ve had that conversation a million times – and nothing ever changes.” We’ll support you in structuring, perfecting, and confidently communicating your point of view, listening effectively to others and then holding everyone accountable to the results you want.


Is your avoidance of certain topics sapping your energy and effectiveness? Do you feel a distinct power imbalance between you and your colleagues or clients? Establish your priorities for your business relationships and reclaim the power.


Every business has critical administrative tasks that must be performed to ensure business growth. If your creativity is constantly buried by mundane tasks, we will design clear processes to free up your time and energy so you can lead your business.

03. Opportunity

Identify the roadblocks and manifest the opportunities you really want to harness the fortune in store for you.


If you feel stuck with clients that simply pay the bills and dread the work before you even begin, your current client roster is not a good match for you. We will identify goals, establish criteria and effectively communicate your services to the clients you really want.


How are you charging for and delivering your services? Are you following “conventional wisdom” but not seeing the financial results you want? Use our assessment tools to understand your true cost of delivery and how to attract the clients who value your products or services.


It’s easy to become frustrated with the pace or activities of your business. Maybe you’re seen by others as successful, but your accomplishments don’t feel so accomplished to you. It’s time to rediscover your vision, claim success, and be proud of all you’ve accomplished.


If you’ve hit the wall with how much you can charge or what you can deliver, let us help you unearth what inspires you in your business. Then, with you focused on what you love, we’ll build the system and structure you need to make significant jumps.

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When you’re stuck in your business, you don’t need a helping hand. You need someone to tell you the truth and encourage you to confront it. You need a confidential, open, and honest environment to air out your grievances about your team, your partners, your clients … and yourself. And you don’t need anyone else to know about it. You can be honest with yourself because you can be confident in our confidentiality.